Upholstery Sewing Techniques Day
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Upholstery Sewing Techniques Day



Times: 10.00-4.00
Duration: 1 day
Includes: Everything except fabric

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  • Why not design your own fabric for this course?

    The most common complaint we hear from our students is that they can’t find exciting or different fabric for their project! Or that they aren’t sure whether fabric will be suitable for upholstery.

    So…. why not design your own fabric and have it printed in-house at Ministry of Upholstery? That’s right folks, we have the latest digital printing technology at our Manchester school all ready to print your very own designs and you can now add on a one day course, during which you will create your very own unique fabric design!

    Add-on Design Day

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    Course details

    Times: 9.00-4.00 (weekdays), 10.00-5.00 (weekends)
    Duration: 1 Day
    Includes: Ink pour, crash course in Photoshop Elements plus your designs to take away on a USB
    Does not include: Fabric
    Cost: £95

    IMPORANT – You must ensure that your design day is at least one week before your scheduled upholstery course, to enable us to print your fabric in time

    * Course Date

    During this one day design crash-course we are going to show you how to create a pattern called ‘Reflect and Repeat’, which will hopefully inspire you to believe that you don’t have to be a great illustrator or painter to design; you just have to have imagination, vision and a love to experiment.

    The first part of the workshop will be all about getting messy and creating an ink pour. It’s a fool proof way of creating a stunning piece of art, from which you can then start your first design.

    The second part of the workshop will be computer based. Here we will introduce you to Photoshop Elements. Photoshop is the world’s best imaging and graphic design software and is the go-to tool for every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. Our tutor will introduce you to the basics and how to create a canvas. As a starting point you will use your ink pour and, working as a group, will use Photoshop Elements to experiment with this to create your unique fabric; opening your mind to the world of pattern design.

    You’ll then be encouraged to incorporate elements from your own photos, which you will send ahead of the course. These can be photos of your child, your pet, landscapes, your own sketches, doodles or artwork. You’ll be shown how to import, manipulate and layer your images. The rest of your time will be spent freestyling your way to a finished design; experimenting and developing your Photoshop skills at the same time as honing your finished designs.

    You will conclude the day by formatting your finished design to the size of chosen upholstery project.

    Images show previous student fabric designs and ink pours

    The fabric

    You can choose from three different fabric types, onto which we will print your finished design:

    • ‘Surface Velvet – a matt velvet - £31
    • ‘Rise Velvet’ – a shimmer velvet - £35
    • ‘Touch’ – a linen feel fabric - £31

    All of our fabrics are upholstery grade, superior quality and comply with UK fire regulations. You will be invoiced for your fabric choice separately. When you come back for your upholstery course, your design will be ready and waiting!

    Why choose to design your own fabric?

    • Your project will be unique
    • It will comply with current UK fire regulations
    • It will upholster well
    • You can design it to suit your style
    • It will be easy to work with
    • It will be suitable for upholstery and be durable
    • You can choose from three different fabric types
    • It takes the stress out of fabric buying

    The small print

    IMPORANT – You MUST ensure that your design day is at least one week before your scheduled upholstery course, to enable us to print your fabric.

    All artwork and rights are owned by you; the maker and will be available to take away on a USB.

    A word about our design tutor

    For this course we have teamed up with the mighty design powerhouse that is Beth Travers from Bobo1325. Beth’s designs have seen her reap praise from the industry. She is distinctive, eye-catching and not to be missed. You can view Beth’s work via her website www.bobo1325.com.

    Surface pattern encompasses so many design disciplines from graphic illustration, fine art and photography to textile design. We believe in pushing the boundaries and utilising these concepts to create unique designs, because…why not? There are so many types of pattern and aspects of design.

    All of Bobo1325’s designs are constructed from illustrations, textures, mixed media and photography. It takes the designs to the next level, they become a journey of discovery rather than a flat pretty design. It’s a story. After all anything is possible in this digital age!


Times: 10.00-4.00
Duration: 1 day
Includes: Everything except fabric

At Ministry of Upholstery we are equipped with a large range of state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines and a dedicated full-time sewing tutor with over 40 years’ experience! You can now benefit from this by attending one of our sewing days. They are available to take on almost all weekdays of the year and allow you to tackle whatever suits your needs. These sessions are aimed at those wanting to master a certain skill and we offer a choice of three sewing techniques days. They include everything except your chosen fabric. If you have your own sewing project, such as sofa cushions or campervan cushions, then you could choose to attend one of our Bring Your Own Sewing Days.

Scatter Cushion & Bolster

You will learn to make a 16” x 16” square zipped scatter cushion and a 45cm x 20cm bolster. We include all materials and the scatter and bolster inners so that you can walk away with a completed product. You just need to bring 1 metre of your chosen fabric for your scatter and 1 metre for your bolster.

Box Cushion

If you want to learn how to make a box cushion to develop your skills, then this is the perfect one day course for you. We will provide all materials except 1.5 metres of your chosen fabric. The box cushion can be made to a size to suit you but we need to know in advance. If we don’t receive a set size we will provide a standard 21” x 21” seat pad for this course.

T Cushion*

Take your box cushion skills to the next level by mastering this more advanced T shape. The T cushion can be made to a size to suit you but we need to know in advance. If we don’t receive a size, we will provide a standard size T cushion. * This course will assume that you have some basic sewing skills and if you do not, then it could take longer than one day. Any additional time will be chargeable.

A note about our workshop and facilities

The sewing area is part of a larger upholstery workshop. We have 9 industrial sewing machines in total: 3 lockstitch sewing machines, 4 walking feet, an overlocker and a twin needle. The sewing area is manned by a dedicated sewing teacher and the teacher’s time is split equally between all students. The amount of students will vary from day-to-day but will never exceed the amount of machines. The tutoring is given on an individual basis and not in groups.


Simply choose the week from the dropdown menu and when you book, use the ’notes’ section to advise which day or days you would like to book. We may have availability on other days, which are not listed here and to check this please email us on office@ministryofupholstery.co.uk or if you prefer to speak to us, then please call our office on 0161 222 4243 and we’ll be happy to help.

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16th and 17th Jan, 13th & 14th Feb, 12th & 13th March, 9th & 10th April


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