Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What’s in my kit?

    Your kit contains:

    • Frame  – small or large
    • Foam
    • Paint or Wax in your chosen colour
    • Buttons made in your choice of fabric
    • Spacers
    • Free Tote bag
    • Wadding
    • Bottom cover
    • Legs in your choice
    • Fabric in your choice
    • Fabric template
  • Is everything I need in the kit?

    All the materials you need to make the stool are included in the kit. You will just need a few basic tools, which we’ve listed below.

  • What tools do I need?

    We’ve designed the stool so that it requires the use of very few tools. You can find information about what you will need here:

  • How much space do I need?

    We’d recommend you set yourself up somewhere you have a fairly large, flat surface area. You’ll need to lay out your metre of fabric, so basically wherever you can do that, you can work. The fabric will measure 1m x 140cm. If you don’t have a table or surface big enough for this, then don’t worry. You can always mark out your fabric on the floor and make your stool on any surface where it can fit with a bit of extra space around you for your tools!

  • How should I use the tutorial?

    We have split the tutorial into chapters to make it easier for you to navigate. We recommend that you watch the chapter in its entirety before you start the chapter. This gives you an idea of where you are going and where you’ll be by the end of the chapter. You can watch each chapter as many times as you like. You can pause whenever you like and go backwards and forwards as you see fit.

  • Do I have to make it in one go?

    No of course not. Just dip in and out as you like. The tutorial is split into chapters so that you have natural stop points.

  • What happens if I get stuck?

    We advise watching the whole chapter before tackling it. This will give you a clear picture of where you’re going. Sometimes Anthony will mention to tips and tricks in the middle of a chapter so always listen out for these. If you’ve watched the chapter a couple of times and are still struggling to follow it, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we should be able to troubleshoot any issues. You can contact us via email on or by phone on 0161 222 4243.

  • How long will it take?

    The tutorial is just over an hour long, but the time it will take to complete the course is totally dependent on the individual. We think that the footstool could be completed in one day if you were to tackle it in one sitting. However, this is your course to take as and when you see fit. As we’ve broken it down into chapters, it is easy to dip in and out.

  • Is it messy?

    Generally there is not a lot of mess in the making of this stool. The only thing you will need to be wary of is when you are attaching your foam to your frame. For this you will need a product called Spray Adhesive, which is a double contact glue. We would recommend that you protect your work area when you are using this spray, either with an old sheet or blanket or with some plastic such as a bin bag. The likelihood is that if you’ve not used it before, that you will get some spray around the edges of the foam and frame. There is no need to worry about ventilation when using this.

  • How do I use the paint/wax?

    There is a handout from Fusion, included in your kit, which will explain how to use the paint and wax. For the paint you will need a small brush (small enough to get into the opening of the pot). For the wax you will simply need an old lint free cloth. The paint needs two coats with about an hour between coats (until it is completely dry). Wax also should have two coats with at least two hours between coats. Wax can be buffed after 24 hours again with an old lint free cloth. The paint does not require any top coat.

  • Can I buy more kits to make more stools?

    Yes! Once you’ve made one you may want to make more of these stools. Maybe you want to give them as presents or simply practice your technique! You can buy the kit with or without fabric. Please email us on to enquire about these.

  • How long can I access the tutorial?

    Forever! You can view the course as many times as you like.

  • Can I share the tutorial?

    Whilst we cannot stop you from giving your login details to someone else, we have spent a huge amount of time, money and energy producing this tutorial and we would kindly ask that you respect this by not sharing your details.

  • Can my kids get involved?

    Yes absolutely! There are a couple of things to be wary of. The buttons are fairly sharp and you should take care when pushing them through the fabric and opening out the prongs. If you are using a staple gun, then we would recommend that children do not operate this.

  • How much is postage?

    Postage is £9.95 and orders will be sent with DPD on a next day delivery. If your order contains aerosols, then your order will be dispatched with Parcelforce on a next day service. Please note that it may take 2-3 days for your order to leave the workshop. Please be advised that this price is to mainland UK. If you live anywhere other than mainland UK please contact us before placing an order as an extra surcharge for postage will need to be added.

  • When will I receive my kit?

    Usually you can expect your kit between 5 and 10 working days after purchase. You will receive tracking information from Parcelforce when it has been dispatched.

  • Can I use my own fabric?

    We strongly recommend that you use the fabric that we have included in the kits. They have been selected by Anthony Devine due to their suitability to the task of deep buttoning. The fabrics we have selected are from Linwood and are all fire retardant. The fabrics retail at around £50/ metre but are included in your kit.

  • How easy is it?

    This course is suitable for absolute beginners and has been made to be as simple and as easy to follow as possible. After years of experience of teaching beginners at our Manchester workshop, we have ploughed all that experience and knowledge into making this tutorial as accessible as possible.

  • What paint is included and why?

    We have partnered up with Fusion Mineral Paint and included a small pot of paint or wax in your kit. We have chosen this paint because it is easy to apply, quick drying and gives a perfect, matt finish. More information about using the paint will be included in your kit.

  • What fabric is included and why?

    The fabrics we have selected are from Linwood and are all fire retardant. The fabrics retail at around £50/ metre but are included in your kit. They have been selected due to their suitability for the task of deep buttoning.

  • Will my stool meet current fire regulations?

    Yes. All items and top fabric meet current legislation for adherence to British fire safety standards.

  • Can I show you my stool?

    Of course, we’d love to see what you have made. Please email us on, tag us on Instagram: @ministry_of_upholstery, inbox us on Facebook.


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