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So, you’ve got your kit and will soon be logging on and following the step-by-step tuition of Anthony Devine, who will expertly guide you through each element until you are ready to sit down, relax with a well-earned drink and with your feet resting on your very own handmade footstool! We’ve designed this online course to be as accessible as possible with the need for minimal tools. We’ve included all the materials, so there’s no need to worry about any of that. In terms of tools, we’ve put together a little shopping list of what you will need to help get you prepared.
A staple gun – whilst you could complete your stool with hammer and tacks, we will teach you using a staple gun. Now don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be a fancy pneumatic gun, like the one used by Anthony, a good old manual one will do the trick. We’ve featured our favourite here for you to buy but you can pick these up in all hardware shops.
Staples – don’t forget your staple gun won’t be much use without these! Ideally they should be 8mm in length or longer.
Tack lifter/ staple remover – these come in many shapes and forms. Hopefully you won’t have to remove too many staples but this is the one we use in our workshop in Manchester so it’s tried and tested. You could not bother with this and simply use a screwdriver end!
Pincers – a staple remover will loosen the staple but then you’ll need something to grab it and pull it out. These are the tool for that job. If you have a pair of pliers, these could do the trick.
Spray Adhesive – this is the double contact glue that you will use to attach your foam to your frame. This is a must-have item!
Regulator – the upholsterers favourite tool! You’ll see Anthony working with this in the video to create the pleats. It’s a good tool to invest in if you’re thinking about upholstery as a hobby, but you could always use a blunt flat screwdriver instead!
Scissors – a good pair of scissors are always going to make life easier! There’s not a huge amount of cutting in this project but if you fancy treating yourself, then you can’t go wrong with William Whitely scissors. Founded in 1760, they are now the only remaining UK scissor manufacturer and our scissor of choice in our Manchester workshop.
Paint Brush – a small round or flat manmade bristle brush will do the trick (keep it small so it will fit into the top of our pot!) or even a foam applicator.
A lint free cloth – any old cloth will do as long as it doesn’t shed any bits, this can be used for applying the wax.
You can view and buy each of these items below (except the paint brush and old cloth!). You can buy the items separately or we’ve put together a special kit price if you wish to buy everything. We’ve not included the scissors in this kit in order to keep this as affordable as possible. Postage will be included in your £9.50 if you add these items when buying your course. Otherwise you can choose from £4.95 for 2-3 working days (only available for items totalling under £15) or £9.50 for next day delivery if ordered before 12.


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