25L Compressor Kit
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25L Compressor Kit



We believe that if you want to tackle any sizeable project, multiple projects or are thinking about upholstery as a career, then a pneumatic staple gun and an air compressor will be worth its weight in gold. An air compressor is the machine that is used to power a pneumatic air staple gun.

When it comes to choosing a compressor, it can be very baffling. They come in various different sizes, non-silent and silent, oil-filled and oil-less. We have done all the work for you and have selected our favourite compressor for use in your home or home workshop. Not only that but we’ve teamed it with our recommended air staple gun and, because we want to make life as simple as possible for you, we also supply the airline needed to connect the gun to the compressor. The airline comes complete with fittings too so when you buy a kit from us, you can literally plug it all in and you’re ready to go!

On top of all this, we also throw in a box of staples! This 25 Litre Compressor Kit, will fit into most homes or home workshops and will happily fire one staple gun all day long.

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Airmate Nimbus 25 Compressor

  • 230v (13amp) supply
  • Heavy duty 2hp motor and pump for prolonged use
  • 25 litre air receiver options
  • 8CFM piton displacement
  • 116psi (8 bar) maximum pressure
  • Cast Iron barrel
  • Efficient cooling system
  • Oil lubricated
  • Wheel mounted
  • Supply 230v (13amp)
  • Air Receiver Size 25 litres
  • Motor 2.0hp (1.5kW)
  • Piston Displacement 8.0CFM (226 litres/min)
  • Max. Free Air Delivery (F.A.D)5.3CFM (150 litres/min)Max.
  • Pressure 116psi (8.0 bar)
  • Noise Level 94dB(A)
  • Weight 22kg
  • Packaged Dimensions (HxWxL)580 x 260 x 565mm

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