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Do you really want to attend a Ministry of Upholstery course but just can’t manage to get to our Manchester workshop? Well, first of all have you considered one of our national course providers, who are conveniently based all around the country!

Please check here to see if there is a Ministry of Upholstery course near you

If, however you can’t get to a course, but really want to grab a piece of the Ministry of Upholstery action, then why not try our brand new online course? Here at the Ministry, our Weekend Footstool Course is our most popular course and now you can have a go at making your very own footstool from the comfort of your own home or workshop! Unlike most online videos and tutorials available, our course is clear, concise, professional and most importantly, very easy to follow.

So, how does it work?

It’s simple, very soon you will be able to buy this course from our website. No doubt we’ll be launching with a cheeky introductory offer so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Foostool_ClassicOnce your order has been placed your Footstool Kit will be sent via Next day delivery. When you place your order you’ll be asked whether you wish to purchase any of the ‘tools of the trade’ that you may require. We can include these in your order, but of course if you already have these, then that’s great.

You will now be able to view the video tutorial through the website, the tutorial is broken down into sections, it will tell you how to complete each and every step, it will even tell you when to pause the video whilst you complete a task! If you are not sure about what type of fabric to choose, worry not, there will be a fabric buying guide to help you make the right decision.

Once your footstool kit arrives and you have your fabric, then you are ready to go! All you will need is a small table (approximately 1 metre by 1 metre is more than adequate), a laptop/ phone or tablet to view the video, your kit, fabric and tools.

We are absolutely positive that you will love your end product, as will your friends and family! So if you wish to purchase further kits, these will be available from our online shop, which is launching on 1st August.


Buy Online Footstool Course and any additional tools you might need


Don’t forget to sort out your fabric (you’ll only need one metre)


Your kit will arrive in the post the next day (if you order before 12pm)


Follow the clear step-by-step video & then sit back and relax, with your feet up on your brand new footstool!


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